Monday, January 4, 2010

A couple poems

Been going through my old folders and in the Poem / Lyrics one I found these two, that I will share.

The Oak Tree

When I was twelve I met a girl
Who had just turned fifteen

Sittin’ in a tree all by herself
With a bag of something green

I stopped to look and said hello
But she just stared at me

Waved her hand to come on up
And join her in the tree

She said her name was destiny
As she passed it on to me

Told me it would be okay
On this special summer day

As time went on I asked her
Why she’s sittin’ in that tree

Told me it’s the only place
Where people leave here be

I never saw her after that
Only in my dreams

But to this day I miss her
And the song she sang to me

Caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and weed
Each one has there special place
In my time of need

The Promise

I promise you my little one
To never raise my hand
Even in your darkest times
I’ll try and understand

Cause I’ve done it all
I’ve seen the worst
Enough to tell you
You’re not the first

Life is not easy
And it is not fair
I’ll try to protect you
From the dragon’s lair

People will be mean
And say hurtful things
Stay true to yourself
And you’ll grab that ring

Some will have more
And others less
If I’ve kept my promise
You’ll do your best

To treat each one
As if they were you
And if their down
You’ll help them through

They’ll come a time
When I’ll be gone
My promise is yours
To carry on

Don’t be sad
And don’t you cry
Just remember me
A cloud in the sky

Oh precious child
Gods true gift to me
Your heart is my soul
And forever it will be